School Life


Welcome to the school life section of the NES website. In this section you will find information about all aspects of school life. Our school wide expectations are: Have fun! Challenge Yourself! Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Take Care of Each Other!


This is Newfields Elementary School. The original two-story academy was built in 1854, but burned down in January 1907. On November 13, 1907, the new two-room school house opened, and eventually replaced school houses in various locations throughout town going back as far as 1703. The current school is comprised of the original building plus four additions which added a library and multi-purpose room and brought the number of classrooms up to its current total of 11.

Read more about Newfields school history in History of Newfields, New Hampshire, by James Hill Fitts, available at the Town Library or on Google eBooks.

Our Mission

The mission of the Newfields Elementary School is to encourage academic excellence in a nurturing environment where all individuals are valued intellectually, emotionally, artistically, socially and physically and are empowered to develop to their maximum potential so that they can make contributions to the global community.


Newfields Elementary School is a small elementary school located in the Southeastern New Hampshire Seacoast area. We are situated about 20 minutes southwest of Portsmouth and 10 minutes northeast of Exeter.


We are a member of School Administrative Unit (SAU) #16 which is made up of the communities of Exeter, East Kingston, Kensington, Stratham, Newfields and Brentwood. Newfields Elementary School is governed by a three member School Board and David Foster, the principal of NES. Information about the school board, contact information, meeting agenda and minutes, board policies and other information is available on the NES School Board page of the SAU 16 website.


Currently Newfields Elementary School has six grades (K-5). We have one or two classes per grade and approximately 16 students in each room. We have a staff of 40 servicing about 111 students. Our exiting students attend the Exeter Region Cooperative School District schools.


Historically, Newfields has maintained a strong sense of independence from its much larger and, at times, more influential neighbors in Portsmouth, Newmarket, Dover and Exeter. Originally, Newfields was part of Exeter, but broke off in 1727, with Newmarket remaining part of that town until 1849 when the residents voted for independence and incorporated as South Newmarket. In 1895, the citizens renamed their town to take advantage of the terms of the will of Dr. John Brodhead, who left seed money for a library to the town on the condition that its name legally be changed to Newfields. It is this strong sense of independence and community that makes Newfields Elementary School stand out.

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