Newfields Elementary School Lunch Program

Dear NES Families, Welcome back from summer vacation! I would like introduce myself to you all. My name is Sabrina Daley and I run the Newfields Elementary School lunch program.

The NES Lunch Program is now serving lunches Tuesday thru Friday. A menu will be sent home on a monthly basis and can also be viewed on our school website at

The lunch program has 3 different options – lunch, snack and/or the Health Wagon (salad & yogurt). Each option can be purchased by either 30 punches or 50 punches. You can choose the best option for your family. Below is the price breakdown.

Option 1 30 punch card for lunch ($2.75 ea) $ 82.50 50 punch card for lunch ($2.75 ea) $ 137.50 30 punch card for snack ($.50 ea) $ 15.00 30 punch card for yogurt/salad ($2.00 ea) $ 60.00 Option 2 50 punch card for lunch ($2.75 ea) $ 137.50 50 punch card for snack ($.50 ea) $ 25.00 50 punch card for yogurt/salad ($2.00 ea) $ 100.00

Please talk with your child regarding what they can and cannot use. I allow the children to get IOUs if their cards have run out, if they have no snack or if they are still hungry after eating their lunch. If you do not purchase a snack or yogurt/salad card please email me if you DO NOT want them having anything from the snack cart or salad/yogurt bar.

All lunches must be purchased with a punch card system. Any remaining punches at the end of the school year will be carried over to the following school year. If your child leaves NES a refund will be mailed at the end of the school year.

Please make checks payable to NES Lunch Program. You only need to send in one check per family. Due to accounting policies, we cannot accept cash.

It is our mission to continue serving healthy and nutritious meals as well as introduce new and exciting favorites to the school menu. As always, we welcome feedback and if you have any questions feel free to email me at or stop into the kitchen anytime 10AM – 1PM.

Thank you, Sabrina