Lunch Services

Newfield Elementary School Lunch Program

Dear NES families,

Welcome back from summer vacation!

I would like to introduce myself to you all. My name is Sabrina Corey and I will be working with Nancy Favara in the NES school lunch program.

The NES lunch program will remain the same, covering lunches Monday through Thursday - a menu is sent home on a monthly basis

and can be viewed by visiting the school website at www nes.sau16.orq

The menu card option - lunch; snack; salad/yogurt - a 30-stamp punch card or 50 stamp punch card for longer duration. You can choose the best option for your family. Below is the price breakdown:

Option 1 Option 2

30-stamp lunch punch card: $75.00 ($2.50/lunch) 50-stamp lunch punch card: $125.00 ($2.50/lunch)

30-stamp snack punch card: $15.00 (.50/snack) 50-stamp snack punch card: $25.00 (.50/snack)

30-stamp salad/yogurt punch card: $30.00 ($1.00/salad/yogurt) 50-stamp salad/yogurt punch card: $50.00 ($1.00/salad/yogurt)

If your child does not care for the meal choice of the day, simply send your child with a bagged lunch from home. Please note that there will not be any other meal options offered.

All lunch passes must be done with a punch card system. Any remaining punches at the end of the year will be carried to the following year.

Please make all checks payable to NES Lunch Program for both lunch, snack & yogurt/salad punch cards. You only need to send in one check per family. Due to accounting policies, we cannot accept cash.

It is our mission to continue serving healthy and nutritious meals as well as introduce new and exciting favorites to the school menu. As always, we welcome feedback and if you have any questions, feel free to contact Sabrina Corey at (603) 717-4210 or speak with Nancy Favara at the school.


Sabrina & Nancy

We are looking for parent volunteers to help serve lunch and keep the lines moving! It’s also kind of neat when the kids see a special someone from home helping out!

Please submit a lunch order form and/or volunteer sign-up